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People still buy from people

An ex-boss of mine’s favourite quote was ‘people buy from people’. This irritated the life out of me. Not just because of its glib unsupported simplicity – though that was irritating enough. But rather because I was (at the time) personally steeped in complex marketing ideologies and sales techniques. His version of the world made […]

The organisation of the future at HR Tech Europe

Last week’s inaugural trip was a pretty intense learning experience for me and I’m only now just getting my thoughts in order. Quite a few speakers I’ve seen recently at this and other events have referenced making time for reflection, so instead of firing off a quick summary blog, I’ve tried to really reflect on […]

The night before…HR Tech Europe

I should be packing right now but instead I thought I’d share a few things I’m looking forward to at this week’s HR Tech Europe event. I’ll be tweeting and blogging on Thursday and Friday this week and hope to bring a flavour of what’s happening, what’s new and what’s exciting to those not there […]

Wearable learning; it’s the future!

The latest buzzwords on the street seems to be ‘wearable technology’. Gadgets like the Fitbit and the Nike fuel band are suddenly in getting us out of our chairs and shaking a leg (or arm) in an effort to bump up our exercise points.   Some will see this as a victory for gamification. The Nike […]